Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bumper Sticker Discordance

Yesterday I saw a car with a purple "Stop the Violence" ribbon on one side; on the other side was a yellow "Support the Troops" ribbon.

Today I saw a car with a bold "God is Pro-Life" sticker; it was joined with a sticker for the "U.S. Army."

Perhaps you see no inconsistency in these messages (most, I suspect, don't). I think even staunch opponents of war could make a solid argument that the messages are not incompatible. But I see in these messages a divided mind, a failure to see one form of violence as violence, to see one form of killing as killing.


  1. most troops i know carry tulips.

    god is prolife makes no sense to me. did not He create the fishes in the sea who devour the fishes in the sea?


  2. War is not killing it is needed.

  3. One could debate whether a particular war is necessary. However, war IS killing. The debate wouldn't be about whether or not war is violence, but about whether that violence is necessary.